Dentulu Inc
Smile You'r Home
Company Overview

Intoducing Dentulu, the world’s first on demand mobile dental app that will revolutionize the dental profession. Millions of patients across the United States can now benefit from this mobile dental service where a dental professional can be scheduled to come to your home with a simple click of a button. Thousands of handicap patients, elderly, and even anxious patients now have an alternative means to prevent and address the world’s leading epidemic, dental decay and gum disease. With an expert team of dental professionals ready to travel to your choice of locations, receiving dental services has never been so convenient. With the world’s leading mobile dental technology coupled with an entire dental office on wheels, Dentulu has been called the next Unicorn company empowering dental professionals to better serve their patients by bringing the office to you. Patients can also video conference with our team of dentists to address dental emergencies, second opinions, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. So sit back and relax while watching your favorite movie using our Virtual Reality glasses and enjoy the scents and sounds of relaxing themes while getting your pearly whites cleaned in the comfort of your own home. Download the Dentulu app today and experience the future of dentistry. Smile, You’re home!