Contactless. Effortless. For you and your customer.
Company Overview

"With CUONA, developed by CONOL Inc., companies are able to realize an NFC based infrastructure that empowers their customers and employees to utilize various services themselves using their own smartphone.

Simply by holding their phone near the CUONA hardware, the user can e.g. gain authorized access to their office or gym, check into their hotel, and access and order from the menu at a restaurant, with limited to no help needed from staff, nor the need for any other equipment (e.g. tablet, QR code reader). At hotels and offices, the technology allows guests and employees to use their smartphone instead of a traditional room key/employee ID card as well.

For businesses who implement CUONA, automation allows for saving on human resources, equipment, and operational expenses, as well as an improved user experience and business optimization.
Seamless integration into existing (e.g. payment or reservation) systems, makes implementation a breeze.

For users, CUONA helps reduce long waiting times and unnecessary busywork, and provides peace of mind in the era of COVID-19 and beyond.

Contactless, effortless and secure, for both business and customer."

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