Codesmith is the leading 12 week specialized software engineering academy in Los Angeles, preparing graduates for mid-to-senior engineer positions.
Company Overview

Codesmith is the top-rated coding bootcamp in the US - the average salary of graduates is $103k with a 96% hiring rate. Codesmith teaches computer science, full-stack JavaScript (notably React and Node) and software architecture preparing graduates for mid to senior engineering positions. The course also features preparatory material, extensive hiring preparation, and ongoing support with students’ job searches.

To help prepare applicants for their interview, Codesmith offers a series of free weekly classes and lectures (“Programming for Non-Programmers”, “Javascript - the Hard Parts”, and “How to Get Hired as a Software Engineer” among others).

Additionally, Codesmith is committed to strengthening and growing a broad and deep community of software engineers from all backgrounds, and thus offers scholarships for women, minorities, and veterans to help bridge the gap.