We're a leading edge Identity Analytic & Intelligence firm that ties together data from all security sources to provide predictive analysis and find behavior patterns that expose threats in real time
Company Overview

CloudAccess provides a unique value advantage through an innovative predictive security analysis solution called REACT (Real-time Access & Event Correlation Technology). REACT’s business value is simple. We enable real-time 360 degree security visibility to determine, who touched what, when, where and the potential security impact to a business in real time. CloudAccess’ REACTâ„¢ is a patent-pending integrated Identity Analytic and Intelligence (IAI) technology that ties together the information from sources that traditionally do not communicate with one another (identities, access rights, user activities, application usage, audit logs, network events, geo-location and other security sources) to find patterns of behavior that expose threats which might otherwise go unnoticed. It effectively and affordably provides the predictive analytics and cooperative intelligence needed to prevent and control anomalous behavior based on the discovered patterns across the entire enterprise landscape.