Context is Clarity
Company Overview

Multi-tasking at work is fact of life in today's workplace. Emails, chats, social media, phone & video calls just add to the complexity that is "work". You are now expected to operate at peak efficiency and productivity because your peers demand it. In this fast-paced environment, it is natural to continually switch context to juggle the various tasks you are responsible for. But did you realize that context switching is the invisible problem wrecking your productivity?

But what if there is a way to quickly catch up on the context before you dive neck deep into problem solving? Enter Clariti, the singular context-aware work app that keeps you rooted in the correct context at all times so you can concentrate on the task at hand instead of wasting cycles getting up to speed.

Clariti is a work app that integrates email, chat, to-do, calendar, social media and cloud storage and connects them via context in threads. Your context depends on how you choose to organize your work. Clariti provides complete flexibility and automatically creates context-based threads as you work.

Clariti supports multiple email ids with a full client supporting all commonly used email functions along with a rich text editor. Emails can be shared with other Clariti users without cumbersome forwarding. Chatting from emails and linking to-do's is also available.

Chat support includes direct one-to-one chats and unlimited participant conference chats. Conversations can be bookmarked and segmented into threads for context. Like emails, chats can be linked to to-do's so it is easy to relate context to the pending action items. Contacts can be added through a simple one-step process using the new contact’s email id.

Social media conversations are integrated through Twitter feeds that can be shared with other Clariti users. You can also chat about the tweet from the tweet with other Clariti users, a unique feature of Clariti.

Pending To-do's are easy to find through a full calendar view. Built-in document folder and integrated cloud-based storage options permit unlimited data storage and access.

Clariti comes with a full suite of viewers for commonly used office document formats. Support is also available for proprietary CAD formats.

Clariti is hosted on secure Amazon Web Services with encrypted communications & storage and OAuth logins.

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