Find your best credit card using your real spending.
Company Overview

CardCruncher is the first and only credit card recommendation engine that perfectly matches consumer spending profiles with credit card rewards programs to find users’ best credit cards, based on their real transaction history. The patent-pending engine makes use of financial aggregation to pull in up to 2 years of user transactions. is live and offered completely free to the public. The personalized recommendations go above and beyond traditional content marketing sites that require reading through many lengthy credit card reviews before finding the best credit card. With CardCruncher, the analysis happens automatically and in just seconds, the engine outputs tailored credit card recommendations.

CardCruncher is also offered to third-party partner websites in the form of a white-labeled embeddable tool. Partners see increased site conversion rates and improved SEO ranking through use of the embed. The tool seamlessly integrates right into partner sites (without ever having users leave their domain). An admin portal is available for partners to manage card listings, links, and other look/feel customizations.