Eat, Sleep, Register!
Company Overview

BestClass helps after-school programs convert online visitors to loyal customers by delivering a simple, intuitive experience on web and mobile. Our turn-key solutions interlaced with parental insight, make after school operations frictionless. Mobile ready interface - Seamless integration - Custom branding - Impeccable customer support - free up program providers' time to focus on what they do best - create a positive and safe learning environment for kids and teens during the second half of their day.

For parents, not only does BestClass enable program registration and payments on the go, but it keeps your kids’ schedules organized on your finger tips. Progress notes from your child’s instructor, alerts, reminders, notifications and more – you'll never miss a thing!

On BestClass anyone can create, discover, register and share new learning experiences for kids and teens, that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. Art, Music, Dance, Sports, Fitness, Language, Culture, Technology - you name it, we power it!