Direct path to highest mutual attraction
Company Overview

Tired of endless unanswered messages? Over those awkward “hello’s” that go nowhere? Ready to match with someone who really likes you back?

With Beeline, you are in control of who matches with you, and a game-proof mechanism makes sure that your guy chose you over everyone else.

Here’s how: You’ll be shown two profiles side by side. The profile snapshot is specifically designed to provide a solid overview of the person. You choose who you’d rather date: Artsy boy with a soft spot for vegan ice cream, or sexy geek, who enjoys jazz shows? Over consecutive comparisons, you teach the app which guys you find most attractive. Picking the same guy over others? He might just be your other pea in a pod.

And get this: Guys go through the same process. They also have to choose one girl over the others. There can be only a handful of girls who keep winning. Those with the strongest mutual attraction get matched.

At this point, you have both handpicked each other. It’s not just a swiped, casual like. You can send each other meaningful messages assured that there is high mutual interest. You’re the algorithm: You’re in control to express your desires.

Say goodbye to low-investment matches. Say hello to meaningful conversations and mutual attraction.