An Interactive Web Encyclopedia of Art
Company Overview

Artifact is a cause aimed to grow global understanding of art through our initial product offering, an Interactive Web Encyclopedia of Art (a Wikipedia meets LinkedIn meets Genius for the public and all art world intermediaries). Our web platform harnesses and visualizes the perspectives and identities of Artworks, Artists, galleries, institutions from all over the world to create opportunity for all aspects of the global the industry.

Why? We created Artifact because we noticed a problem: the world can’t access art in all its dimensions because art is not integrated into society in a way that invites people to interact with it — like music & film.

Unfortunately, art appreciation is limited to a specific population that have the means to be moved by it. Art access can often be restricted, and there’s a large group of potential art lovers that remains untapped. What’s more, in a digital world oversaturated with content, it’s increasingly difficult for artists to stand out and break through the noise.

At Artifact, we believe that art’s value goes far beyond the monetary. We champion context, intention and impact on society, therefore making perspective & impact the primary currencies in the art world. We add a digital dimension to art, creating a map that connects the dots between artworks, artists, influences, audiences, and world events. We put the entire art ecosystem at our users’ fingertips, making it easier than ever to make connections, build relationships & create a legacy. Artifact assembles a living encyclopedia that immortalises artists, artworks, perspectives — and the interactions between them — to holistically capture an era. We’re bringing the world to the artist & the artist to the world.

With an artistic heart, analytical mind and ambitious vision - We Make Art Alive.

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