Addis Ideas
We're a revolutionary mobile and web application that crowdsources African development ideas.
Company Overview

Addis Ideas is disrupting the extant approach to African development, which incorrectly relies on western philosophy to solve African issues. Addis Ideas is an application that solely relies on African innovation. Our mobile and web applications crowd source African development ideas from African nationals and the African diaspora. Users submit their project ideas into a live feed, where they instantly receive feedback from other users, and generate public support and private sponsorship for their innovation. The ultimate goal of Addis Ideas is to promote information sharing, enhance public participation in the development sphere, and create a collaborative workspace for Africans who want to improve the communities around them.

Users submit ideas on the following topics: Agriculture, Business, Economy, Education, Environment, Gender, Health, Housing, Technology, and Tourism. Project ideas are addressed to the following stakeholders: NGO, Private Sector, Universities, Governments, and the Public. Our user segments include:

1. Social entrepreneurs - who look for support for their existing projects;

2. Do-Gooders - who want to promote awareness of community issues;

3. Sponsors - who represent highly coveted organizations and firms looking to support innovative projects