Why The Top Global Accelerators Are Coming To TechDay London
Elisabeth Brier

From AirBnB to Dropbox, Reddit and beyond, Accelerators have proven their ability to foster the success of startups. The more renowned ones have collectively helped raise billions of dollars through hundreds of companies and at TechDay’s inaugural event in London, they will all come together under one roof. TechDay’s ‘Accelerator Alley’ will feature the most distinguished programs from Techstars to MassChallenge UK to Startupbootcamp amongst a growing list of others. Our first international event will offer entrepreneurs unprecedented access to the program’s managing directors and staff and will allow founders to make personal connections with them.

The value our exhibitors gain from these illustrious accelerators is evident. But why are these programs themselves so keen on attending? We break down the top three reasons.


Accelerators are constantly seeking the next best thing when it comes to tech innovation. They aim to pursue startups that are both dynamic and emanate raw potential for success. TechDay not only brings in a massive collection of developing companies (reaching over 175), but specifically ones that are engaging and have proven viability. These top programs are eager to connect with TechDay’s massive network of founders, to find those startups that meet their high standards. No matter the vertical, the esteemed accelerator programs TechDay brings to the event are able to find young companies that they’re eager to mold into household names.

Make Relationships

While a primary goal of the accelerators that come to TechDay is to recruit right then and there, many also strive to simply build relationships. As aforementioned, these notable programs want to discover the next hot company. However, whatever that may be, could very possibly only exist in the mind of a budding entrepreneur. Accelerators want to engage with these creative and ambitious individuals so that when their idea finally does come to fruition, they’ll perhaps be driven to apply for the accelerator program in question. Thus, the staff of these programs, particularly their directors, want to shake as many hands as possible to uncover hidden talent.

Support The Community

Acclaimed accelerator programs are motivated to come to TechDay, of course, in an effort to find the next big founder (think Mark Zuckerberg or Evan Spiegal) but also to simply support the startup community. To those new to this space, the startup community is one which bolsters openness and encouragement and seems to be dictated by the narrative that “we’re all in this together”. These leading programs intrinsically want to be a part of this and embed themselves as fixtures within the community. Oftentimes, accelerators can be credited as a driving force behind a startup’s success and have, for many, become a quintessential part of an entrepreneur’s journey.

The premier TechDay London will be held October 27th in Old Billingsgate. Whether you choose to join us as an attendee or exhibit as a founder, you’ll be able to connect with our network of the world's most influential accelerators.