How Capsule Is Creating The "Modern Pharmacy" Using A Modern Voice
Elisabeth Brier and Eric Kinariwala,

For anyone who has ever had to go to a pharmacy at any point for any reason, the value behind Capsule should be blaringly obvious.

Aiming to spawn the “modern pharmacy” Capsule is redefining the hegemonic standard of healthcare by making it “kinder, smarter and better.”

As an inherently revolutionary company, Capsule’s prominence can also be attributed to its powerful and punchy brand voice. Described by the founder and CEO, Eric Kinariwala, Capsule’s branding is reminiscent, “of an endearing, sometimes smothering, but always loving, mother.”

Kinariwala sat down with TechDay to further explain the thinking behind Capsule’s branding efforts and highlight the unrelenting relationship between voice and product.

Capsule's sort of quirky and direct brand voice seems to attempt to appeal to the younger generations. Is Capsule's target audience primarily millennials and if so how does this voice function to garner their attention?

The pharmacy isn’t just broken for the younger generation, it‘s broken for all of healthcare. Capsule is building a platform that works for everyone  - consumers, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and manufacturers. We are focused on building trusted relationships with all of the people who use our service, no matter their age. Our brand voice conveys an intimacy and trust from our very first interactions with you - whether you are a 25-year-old consumer or a 65-year-old physician. We have even seen some of our doctors start replying to us “love you” and “xo”.

One of Capsule's value propositions is inevitably convenience. How does this play into the brand as a whole and work to appeal to the target demographic.

Capsule sets a new standard of how people interact with their healthcare through innovative technology and simple design. We designed our features to benefit everyone, but especially those who are seeking convenience due to regular utilization of medication. We believe that everyone deserves to be taken care of and that is the spirit that we look to capture through our brand.

Capsule's brand also seems to play into notions of minimalism both in regards to the company's logo and primary copy ("kinder, smarter better") what was the thinking behind utilizing simplicity as a key component of the brand?

Over the years healthcare technology has made enormous strides, but the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t adapted and improved at the same rate. The current model is both over-complicated and impersonal. I’ve experienced a lot of these frustrations firsthand and it was what inspired the original idea for Capsule. After waiting in line for more than an hour for a prescription, I ultimately was turned away without my medication, forced to return when it was back in stock. After recounting the experience with my friend Sonia Patel, our Chief Pharmacist, we started to conceptualize the idea of what a modern pharmacy should look like. We wanted it to create a simple and seamless experience. It would utilize innovative technology to provide people the care that they deserve and a brand that they can trust. Ultimately, we created a brand to reflect a kinder, smarter, better and simpler pharmacy because that is what we aim to be.

Recently, Capsule ran a major subway campaign in New York City with "Hello Dear" signs plastered everywhere. How did the message behind these ads come to fruition and what was the value of posting them down in the subway?

I’m proud of the subway campaign for a few reasons. Our brand’s voice is that of an endearing, sometimes smothering, but always loving, mother. Mom takes care of you and that is the relationship we aim to mirror. The copy of our subway campaign is a manifestation of our core belief that everybody needs some looking after sometimes – and that behind all of the ups and downs of the healthcare system – we are just people looking after people.

Our team collaborated with Office of Baby and Franklyn Design Studio to bring to life the brand voice and physical design for our subway campaign. We are thrilled to be sharing our message and made a point to stay true to our brand. Personally, it’s extremely rewarding to see our team’s values come to life in a tangible way. I’m excited to be able to share our vision.

What would you advise startup founders aiming to form a succinct clear brand?

The best companies and the best brands are internally and externally aligned. When building a brand it’s important to ask what values the team and company stand for and how that mirrors the promise you make to your customers every day. Capsule’s brand is designed to convey a level of care and trust that is rarely seen in the healthcare industry.

I’d also consider everyone who will be interacting with your brand. We made sure to create a brand that speaks to all parties of the healthcare ecosystem. Our goal is to reconnect medication to healthcare and the ability to communicate that across audiences was always top of mind when building our brand.

What new innovations do we have to look forward to from Capsule in the upcoming months?

We believe that everyone deserves a better pharmacy experience. We are focused on providing all of New York City with the best care possible while continuing to evolve and innovate as a company.