6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deploying Your Email Marketing Campaign
Carolyn Canetti

Email campaigns are an important aspect to a company, brand, or product’s marketing strategy. From offering deals, sending newsletters, promoting products, to educating users, or sharing data trends, email marketing comes in all frequencies. Each campaign differs based on what you’re selling, who you’re trying to reach, and what your desired result is.

Coming from a B2B world, here are some starter questions for anyone getting ready to utilize email marketing:

What is the point of your campaign?

Three important reasons we utilize email marketing are retention, brand recognition, and education. When reaching out to current partners, it’s to educate, alert, and excite them about new services. When reaching out to our larger lists, the aim is to remind people we exist through news or data. All outreach falls under the category of our brand’s perception - what’s our tone, what’s our look, who are we via email?

What are your goals?

It’s important to set trackable goals for your campaign. Luckily, email services make tracking data very easy. What open rate do you want to hit? What click-through rate equates to success? Define your goals quantitatively and evaluate along the way if you aren’t hitting your marks.

What’s your email’s first impression?

Think about your own inbox. What emails from services or companies do you open? Why? Picture your customers receiving an email from you. What’s your subject line? Who is the email from? What will entice someone to actually open the email?

Are you testing your emails on multiple devices?

An email with big images or animations can be strenuous to download. Be conscious of load time. Test your email many times and on all devices. Make sure your layout is optimized for mobile and desktop. See that images resize correctly to the Apple and Android devices of all screen sizes, and don’t forget about retina.

What action do you want the reader to take?

If you’re promoting your new website, lead them to the website. If you’re sharing an infographic, allow readers to click through to the graphic. If you want clients to call you about your holiday offer, leave your phone number. Make the action known and clear.

Do you have a plan?

Every email campaign is different. Daily, biweekly, weekly, monthly - no mold fits all. What’s most important is to figure out your plan. Build out your campaign a few months at a time and set clear goals. You want to get 10% more website traffic and 15% new leads after 3 months of email campaigning? Those are great and trackable goals.

Email marketing can be one of the most rewarding and trackable marketing strategies a company can do. A successful campaign leads to a loyal following and an audience that will look forward to receiving your news!

Carolyn Canetti is the Marketing Manager at MAZ, an app platform for publishers